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Despite loss of Cuba calls, MSC Armonia remaining in Miami

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  1. John McAuliff says:

    MSC and the other cruise lines are being incredibly passive in the face of an overtly political action by John Bolton and Mauricio Claver-Carone that meets their long time ideological objective but not the goals of President Trump.

    When Trump fires Bolton (rather than just sending him to Mongolia), Claver-Carone will go with him. The President needs to recognize how badly and unnecessarily hurt the cruise lines were and undo the damage.

    MSC was doing a good Cuba business with non-US passengers prior to its ability to also pick up customers in Florida. Why are they abandoning that market because of US politics? Americans could even still use MSC as a means of transportation and undertake their own independent programs on the ground under Support for the Cuban People.

    Are they using the influence of lobbyists in Washington and mobilizing their former passengers to push Congress to end all restrictions on travel, the position of 81% of the American people, including 57% of Cuban Americans.

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